Spooky Story

Spooky is a recently formed acoustic group. We are experienced musos who wanted to provide a more smooth sound than we had been playing in our previous bands- hence the creation of Spooky. We are based in the North East of Melbourne, easily accessing any location, including country Victoria. Spooky's style is based around a great smooth sound, complemented by our joint vocal harmonies. We play a range of genres: soft rock, smooth jazz, rhythm/ blues/ Motown, soul, smooth country, reggae and even some classic rock. We also have a slow dance/ wedding mix. We give a twist of jazz to classic songs from the 60's to the present. We have worked hard on our playlists and are now ready to do our best to make you happy!

David and Marilyn form the Spooky Duo. David plays rhythm guitar and adds vocal depth with his great ear for harmonies.  He has had extensive experience in bands- mostly rock- even touring Europe in the 60's.  Marilyn, the lead vocalist, performed extensively on stage before having a family. She's returned to singing with the smooth sound that suits her vocal style. Marilyn also adds to the Spooky sound with a variety of percussion instruments. Adam completes our Trio. Adam is a versatile musician who plays the upright bass, bass ukulele and bass guitar. He has made a great transition from rock bass player to complimenting Spooky's smooth sound. He even plays the bass beautifully with a bow when appropriate! Our Act perfectly suits venues where a drummer would be obtrusive: we're great to sing along and dance to, or even have an unspoilt conversation with delightful background music. However we can add a drummer to our line-up when appropriate; we have friendly drummers available. 
We currently play private functions and have also been gigging at charity functions- we love a good cause! We have played at Were Street Music in the Parks, plus many private functions- parties are our favourite! The Declan's Heart Fundraiser @ Lower Plenty Cricket Club was a great success. Our rooftop birthday party gig at the Yorkshire Brewery was a real buzz, with people from neighbouring buildings dancing on their balconies. Spooky Duo spent all of June/ July 2016 in the USA on a blues music tour, where we learnt so much from some great musicians. We were even lucky enough to play at Stevie Ray Vaughn's Blues Bar in Louisville! We have added more Blues/ Soul as a result of our trip. We also have a stunning PowerPoint presentation  to accompany a special USA Music Tour themed show. We toured from Bayside to Geelong and back to play for War Veterans Health Week, with a special focus on the Vietnam vets.

2017 saw us gigging from the Mornington Peninsula to the Bellarine Peninsula, and plenty of places in between. We visited the UK, where we played house concerts and even joined in at the Linlithgow Folk Festival in Scotland.

We are currently locking in functions for the remainder of 2018. including the Christmas/ New Year party season, and we still have a few spare dates, so get in quick with your bookings, Spooky fans!